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“Warm Winter Night " GROUP EXHIBITION

Adam Handler

Adam Handler (1986) was born in Queens NY and grew up on Long Island. As a young
child and adolescent, he spent countless hours at his grandparents framing factory in
New York City. There, his passion for the arts grew and it became inevitable that he too
would discover the many possibilities of art. Handler studied Life Drawing in Italy and
went on to graduate from Purchase College with a major in Art History. He has also
studied craft design with Jorge Nieves and printing color photography with Debra Mesa-
Pelly. Handler has mounted solo exhibitions throughout New York City and East
Hampton. His work has also been shown extensively at major art fairs which include, Art
New York, Art Market Hamptons, Art Context Miami, Spring/Break Art Fair and the
Armory Print Fair. In addition, Handler’s work has been included in numerous
exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, Middle East, Asia and Europe.


Angling (b.1999) is a visual artist based in Indonesia, mainly creating surrealistic paintings. His work brings unconsciousness come to life. Children is often be the main object, with their pure mind and holiness. The children itself, that grow inside us create how we react about what happened in our life. Emotions, sadness, anger, rebellious, punk spirit, confusion, or happiness is one of them.
His work comes from his own inner child and love for Anime and Manga. Awash in strong and luscious pink tones, Angling’s work espouses a post-punk and emo sensibility that constantly rejects the male gaze and instead reflects the artist’s inner child.. His work is often referred to as a contemporary juxtaposition of Surrealism, Anime, and Manga imagery.

Blake Jones

Blake Jones is a Chicago based artist. Blake’s use of graphic line work and bright color palettes illustrates narratives of complex worlds inhabited by his own iconic characters, objects, and landscapes. Blake’s work has been exhibited in multiple mediums and forms such as print, paintings, gallery exhibitions, sculptures, and murals.

Cheese Arnon

Cheese Arnon , 1986 Thailand

Arnon made his start into the traditional arts with a self taught methodology. Experimenting with many various techniques demonstrated by established artists before him.

He still practices many formats and his piece “the fox” is arranged to display numerous different styles of art.

The fox is characterized by it’s wily nature using it’s wit and ability to improvise and thrive in the harshest conditions. You can witness a similar approach in Arnon’s work . Flowing with the mediums natural imperfections or creating his own cracking surfaces to accentuate his design.


DELUXESTO was born in Miyazaki Prefecture. Currently lives in Tokyo. He has been devoted to fashion and street culture since he was a teenager.After moving from place to place in Kyushu, he moved to Tokyo in 2010 to study fashion design at a certain clothing college.
After graduating in 2014, she wanted to start her own fashion brand, so she tried many things, but she was frustrated, spend several desperate and fruitless years idle. However, the desire to express something did not disappear, and around 2020, he started to draw pictures as a last resort, until now. I am not sure whether the caped and bows-headed male figures, which are often used as motifs, are the aspirations, ideals, and visions of the days when I was immersed in fashion and street culture, or the deeper impressions and sensations. But I feel like I'm designing an attractive human image inside of me. Like doing fashion design. The current production stance includes facing yourself, believing in yourself, not setting limits on yourself, being free, and contributing to something. He is focused on pursuing himself and continues to enjoy producing.


1986 Born in Osaka
2004-07 Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of MANGA, Comic Art Course
Hime started his career as a photographer in 2008 while working in the fashion
industry. After moving to US in 2013 for foreign brand shooting, he relocated
back to Tokyo in 2014 and started as a freelance illustrator in 2019, worked as a
fashion photographer at the same time. He mainly designs t-shirt prints, albums’
covers and posters for live or pop-up shows. He used acrylic paints on canvas
for his first illustration work, which presented at artKYOTO in the end of 2020,
and officially started his modern art artist career from 2021. He continues to
showcase his work on Instagram, mainly women with 80s style, and has gained
wide public recognition as an artist.


Since childhood, I've been passionate about drawing and painting. This passion was passed on to me by my mother, who is also a painter. 

I've besn taking painting lessons since the age of 11, and there's not a day when I don't concentrate on my painting. 

I also have a passion for the world of manga, which I grew up with, and that's where my inspiration comes from. 

At the moment, I'm very happy to see that my work is appreciated by galleries and collectors all over the world. Sharing and discussing my passion gives me great satisfaction and drives me on to new projects. 

Manow Nowhere

Pacharamon Korppaiboon (b.2000).

She is a Thai artist Who created the character design about “Manow” “Bambi”.

“Manow” is the one of characters design from the artist, The character represents about story in childhood imagination that is expressed in various storytelling and adventure. When winter comes, Manow in the story of a warm winter tells the story of the image in a fun form with her cat Bambi. I hope everyone enjoy with this artwork and followed her journey together with “Manow”.

Se Hee Byun

A long time passes, and a fleeting moment collects the sparkling pieces in my life and records them on canvas. It's like writing a diary on a big white paper. I constantly asks me questions and tracks the time I have passed. I seeks out the moment when my shines, follows that time, and gives everything my loves.
I create a story based on my daily and shine memories, and also create a new story by finding memories
and objects.
Sometimes, when time goes by too quickly, it suddenly sad.
I think that it had a tendency to lost many things. But, What makes life happy comes from trivial things in everyday life, and that time accumulates and
engraving in the heart of 'shining things'. I hope that those who observe my work will take a look at my work and find the happiest and 'shining
thing' in their lives, and that the moment outside the exhibition hall will become their 'shining moment'.

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Wayan Sarcita Yasa or mostly called Sarcita, he is a young artist from Tabanan Bali,
he was born on December 7 2000. Sarcita is an art student at the Yogyakarta
Indonesian Art Institute, he is also an alumnus of SMK N 1 Sukawati (SMSR). In creating of his work, he took ideas from his childhood memories. The Memory is
about awareness of past experiences being relived. and he believe Art that can be a
means of processing experiences into beautiful works and providing new experiences
for the audience. Generally The appearance of the object in each of Sarcita's works
are depicts emotional turmoil in the form of sadness, joy, melancholy, anxiety, which
is a reflection of inner experiences as a means of self-reflection.

Yuya Saito

Yuya Saito was born in Kesennuma City,
Miyagi Prefecture. After graduating from the
University of Central Oklahoma, USA, he is
currently based in New York (Brooklyn). Inspired by skateboarding, which he started as a child, he has set up a new visual language
for the streets, “Curved Shape,” and presents
his work on the “Relationship between human and the city.” In cities, people, goods, and events converge, the same scenery never repeats itself. Saito perceives the repetition of countless dramas
that arise and disappear as key for fostering culture. Also, after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, my hometown was so easily wiped out by the tsunami that I learned about the vulnerability of cities. "Culture that has been fostered because of chaos, and confusion that has arisen because of chaos." Saito believes that the city that has taken on this contradiction holds the key to expressing humans as irrational
and cultural creatures.
In addition to the unique work of curved surfaces, by intersecting multiple projects such as public art, digital works, and collaboration works with city-related artists, Saito is trying to cut out the present of the city that crosses areas.