ONEsGALLERY was founded in 2021 in a tiny retail storefront. The idea behind one small gallery is to provide a safe environment where people can visit and share their love for contemporary art. Our end goal is to work with various new and established artists to collaborate for art shows, prints, sculptures, and more.

We sourcing pieces for our loyal clients is an effective way to share our passion. We offer a means for collectors to purchase hard to find art that is guaranteed authentic while also providing a path to achieving our goals as a gallery. We are not just tracking down our clients favorite arts pieces but also provided a peace of mind. We stand by the product we sell, taking on the risk and doing the heavy lifting in every transaction so our clients don't have to. Our clients are always our top priority.

One small gallery started as a one man operation. We are fortunate to have experienced such success in our short existence and look forward to continued growth. Most importantly, we look forward to creating new relationships and strengthening old bonds with our fellow collectors through art.

Thank you for your continued support!


Founder - Taing Sakvona

Co-Founder - Takaaki Fujitani